teaching series


We had an unbelievable 5 months of instruction on how to build and grow your business. HUGE THANK YOU to our speakers, attendees and everyone who supported it. If you missed it DO NOT WORRY. These sessions were just the beginning of our work getting relevant content in an accessible format to you when you need it so that you don’t have to hunt around as you are building your company.

Our 6th and last session will be both a finale and a grand opening. We have assembled an incredible panel of coaches and experienced business women to answer tough personal and enterprise related questions. We are going to pick their brain about time management, how they have made growth happen AND challenge them to help us define how we should work together, collaborate and grow. At the same time, we will be introducing the details of The Collective: our intentional online learning community for women in business. It’s not only an interactive growth and coaching community, it is also where you will have access to all of the videos from The Teaching Series and other resources as they develop.

Join us for “The Power of We” on Thursday August 22nd.