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We are so excited to start including sponsorships in our events. We have created 9 unique ways to get your logo and business in front of a relevant and active crowd of customers! With 1,000-4,000+ visitors to our sale and a combined 6,000 facebook and instagram reach, we are really excited to open our platform to both our vendors and other business. Can’t wait to get you involved!

Here are some details on the sponsorships offered. Feel free to choose one, two or as many as you’d like!

Full Event Sponsor: $1500

This includes one of each of the following:

Cook-Off Sponsor: $400

Name included on the cook-off logo, ballot boxes, voting sheets and all printed and online marketing material.

Kids Area Sponsor: $300

Name included in signage for kids area, online in all kids promotional material and information, on the kids coloring sheets and access to the tables to place discount cards or other information.

Projector: $200

We have access to a projector that will display logos, short videos or any business information that you would like on a very large wall inside the Palladium throughout the sale.

VLOG: $100

We would LOVE to tell the story of you, your business and all of the awesome work you are doing. We will come to you, do a short interview video, take pictures of your space and put it together as a social media post, stories and Vlog for you to repost. Day of event you can either have your logo on the swag bag OR put an item in the bag.

Logo on Vendor Map: $50

Everyone coming to the event will be handed a vendor map with a list of our vendors and a layout of the space. You will have access to a space for your logo on the back of that.

Bring your Own Banner: $50

Palladium has a large railing above the vendor space, we have room to put banners up high where everyone will see them!

High Top Table Signage : $50

There will be 10-15 high top tables around the bar area up stairs and outside. We will have a tri-fold on each table advertising our friends. You could be one of those people!

Logo on Swag Bag: $50

The first 100 people will receive a swag bag FULL of goodies. You can have access to space on the back on this bag for your logo and website information.

Promotional Item In Swag Bag: $25

Get your product in the hands of 100 motivated customers. Here is access to the swag bag itself for you to fill it with just a card or some kind of goodie from your work.

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