Procure Booth Fee

Procure Booth Fee

from 100.00

Welcome to Procure! We are so excited for you to get your hands on a booth at this event! This is the permanent name for our quarterly marketplace for female brands and we are so excited that you are kicking off this exciting rebrand with us! The idea is to create a push for people to grab things while they can for this sale. So excited to feature you and all of your work over the next months!

We have four booth options for this event:

Level 1 - $100 - The booth (no electricity, table or chairs) and one instagram story

Level 2 - $150 - The booth and a full vendor feature, that is one instagram and facebook story and a post on both channels that tells your story and highlights any products or things you’d like us to tell the world about!

Level 3 - $200 - The booth and a full vendor feature as well as the option to CHOOSE YOUR OWN booth for this event. You will receive an email within a week before the event that gives you the option of choose your booth location on the map.

Level 4 - $250 - The booth, a vendor feature, choose your own location at the sale AND allow us to do a blog feature on you. This includes professional photography and a full write up on your story, passion, goals and why EVERYONE should buy from you.

Booth Fee:
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