Breathe is BACK!

Breathe brings a variety of wellness practitioners together to provide one morning of fitness, skincare, mental health and physical wellness experiences for guests.  In three hours you will be exposed to 50-75 women who have come to get to know you and your service.  This experience gives you space to tell your story and build lasting relationships with new clients.

We ask that you provide a 10-15 min. version of your full services in a method that is inexpensive to you but captures the benefit of what you do or sell.  This can be a one-on-one experience or meant for a small group (5-8 people).

The fee to participate in this event is $75. It will include custom social media story templates, features on our email lists, participation in the event and the email list of participants for you to connect with after the event.

Please complete the application below and we will respond to you ASAP.  For any follow-up questions you can email and Stacey will get back with you.