Dive deep into merchandising + product development with Mary Beth Bussen + Sarah Kelley of Union Studio!

What role should the customer take in our creative process? How do we find a balance between our creativity, passion and making what the customer wants to buy? How do we analyze what is selling well, not selling or could be selling?

Five years into focused retail buying, creating and mentoring creatives Mary Beth and Sarah are a WEALTH of encouragement, knowledge and no-nonsense direction on how to create products that will sell well, have a margin that is sustainable and build your business.

On top of development, they work us through their tips on display and merchandising. When you bring your creation to the public, how do you set it up in such a way that is the MOST effective for sales. Want to wholesale to boutiques and retailers? What is the process? What are boutiques looking for and how do you attract and keep their business?