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I'm Meg, your Collective tour guide!

Collectives join for many different reasons: Some are looking for like-minded entrepreneurs who speak the same language, some are looking for a better understanding of how to market and build a thriving business, and some seek support in overcoming obstacles or challenges they're facing.

Whatever your reason for being here, I want you to get the most out of your membership here, please allow me to walk you through all that The Collective includes:


Are you looking for the complete library of products, including these best-selling titles:

  • Shop Fundamentals: Build a Solid Foundation for Your Online Storefront

  • The Ultimate Blogging Kit

  • Your Best Year Resources

  • And More!

Up above (top left), you'll see a page tab titled, E-Library. Click that tab to reveal every product I’ve created, learn more about which products will suit you best, and choose your download!

Signature Courses

Are you ready to shine the spotlight on your creative business? I am so pleased to welcome you to _______: The Creative Business Course! 

This course is administered in nine modules, and covers the following topics in great detail:

  1. Create a clean slate for new growth

  2. Set a business goal and create your own career breakthroughs

  3. Build an automated sales funnel for your business

  4. Explore the psychology of sales and selling (identify why customers aren't buying)

  5. Create a marketing strategy and build a selling campaign

  6. Practical application: Make sense of your marketing system

  7. Secret tricks of the trade that will help you work less and earn more

  8. Creative career advancement: where to go from here

  9. Guided route map for continued implementation and better results

You'll find all of this under the navigational tab titled, ___________

Classes, Challenges & Workshops

If you're looking for one-off training, such as the Pinterest 101 - or - the Instagram lesson designed to help you gain thousands of new followers, then you'll want to check out the Challenges tab.  

There you'll find:

  • The Pinterest Challenge

  • How to Create a Sales Funnel

  • The Instagram Challenge

  • The Goal-Setting Challenge and more!

Thanks for being here, friend! I wish you all the success in the world,

Meg xoxo