Blog and Vlog Features

Blog and Vlog Features

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We are so excited to spread the word about what you are doing, but we want to do it SO WELL that you can use it and it will really amplify the quality of your online assets. In order to do that, we need to charge you for our time and team’s work!

The Vlog is a 5-10 min video that tells the story of your business. It starts as a 20-30 min video taped interview session in your space, or a space that compliments your brand. It includes professional video editing and splitting as well as a written portion on our website. We will do a full social media feature when the Vlog is done, it will be on our website and on our YouTube channel. This also includes 3-5 professional photographs. You will have access to the link to use the video however you’d like. You can also request shorter portions of the video for your social media or website. ($200)

The Blog includes professional photography (8-10 photos) for the feature and a full 1-3,000 word article on who you are and what you do. It will be featured on our website and the photography will be available for you to use. A full social media feature will be included with this too. ($100)

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