It was an immense pleasure to sit down with Daphne Benzaquen to hear the heart and passion behind her online shop full of durable and beautiful handmade accessories from her homeland of Peru.

daph. was brought to life as a result of a practical need and led to an adventure full of self-taught crash courses in design, meetings with leather makers across Peru, lots of patience and endless imagination.

It’s a brand story you will love to hear and it will get you ready and excited to shop the high quality and durability of daph’s collection of everyday bags and accessories made to last through all of life's different experiences.

All of their products are individually hand-made by artisans and leather makers in Arequipa, a place known for having the highest quality leather in Peru. These partners are committed to minimizing waste and preserving the environment. During their visits in Peru, they spend hours talking through the designs, quality and material options to ensure the designs are of highest quality and workmanship. 

You’ll see and hear through this vlog that Daphne love learning from others and thinks it is essential in growing a brand, so please take a few minutes to hear more about her and Daph and learn how you can get one of these handcrafted treasures of your own!



St. Louis, MO 63105

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