According to sisters Jules Karagiannis and Tracy Calabro, owners of Espresso Yourself, “Everyone deserves a great cup of coffee…..and a smile.”

...and believe me, you feeeeeeel the happiness the second you walk in to this fun cafe off Macklind in St Louis.

People of all age groups, economic and social demographics drink coffee. For some it is a daily essential. Espresso Yourself is a friendly inviting and comfortable environment for anyone seeking a location for a bite to eat with a friend, a place to hold an intimate business meeting, a spot to sit back with a book and cup or just stop in for grab & go.

They believe that the most vibrant and successful communities are those who support local businesses. Local businesses, especially those who support other local businesses, help keep it “in the family” and boost the economic growth of that community. Espresso Yourself proudly features espresso and coffee beans from local roaster, Stringbean Coffee, kombucha from KomBlu, and local food items. Local suppliers for other products and services are utilized whenever possible. They are constantly adding new retail items from other local entrepreneurs.

Espresso Yourself feels strongly in sustainability. Customers planning to hang out for a bit are served real cups and dishes that will put a big smile on your face. For those just stopping by, recyclable cups, lids and biodegradable straws are used. You can also stop by and grab a bag or two of used coffee grounds for free and watch your garden grow!

Espresso Yourself Around Town is a new, mobile barista service they offer that is a fun and distinctive way to step up your next event. From something as simple as dropping off a few airpots of brewed coffee to setting up a full espresso bar, they welcome the opportunity to serve you and your guests.

Watch and listen to hear their beautiful hearts for coffee and community… and how they plan to expand their business and community in the future months. Get all of the information you need to stop by and enjoy their hospitality ASAP… you may even make some new, fun friends while you’re there. Oh, and be sure to get your photos by the “Friends” door!

Espresso Yourself is a proud sponsor of the Bloom spring pop-up market for The Women's Creative:

Espresso Yourself

5351 Devonshire Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63109



Sunday  8am – 4pm
Monday-Saturday 7am –  3pm

Instagram: @es.presso_yourself


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