Rudy's Flower Truck

We are thrilled to have Brittany Sarhage, owner and creator of Rudy's Flower Truck on the blog today.  She shares her story below about how the vision for Rudy's Flower Truck began.  Make sure to check out the beautiful photos of her flowers and vintage truck below. Photo Credits: Ashley Pieper Photography

The story of how Rudy came to be is quite unsexy if you ask me. I was on maternity leave this past spring and looking for something to re-energize my life. I’ve been working and living in the land of refugees and immigrants for the past 3 years. While a rewarding field, I was still itching to add some creativity and ownership to my work life. No job seemed to fit he bill. By chance I ran across an article on Entrepreneur. The article was about mobile business ideas. I’d heard about food trucks at that point, a regular Food Truck Friday attendee right here, but didn’t have the slightest idea of mobile businesses outside of that. A mobile florist was the first in a slide show of ten. It was a full-service florist that runs from a traditional step or box truck. “Cute idea but not my style”, I thought. Swipe along. Two nights later a friend and I were chatting when the idea of becoming a florist was brought up. After that I was determined to somehow work with flowers. After countless searches for local floral positions with no luck I decided to take my job hunt into my own hands and open a business. I went back to the mobile florist model and ran.
I knew this business needed to be unique and add some character to the city of St. Louis. That’s why I picked Rudy. Rudy evolved from the idea of being ran out of horse trailer, then a mail truck, to finally a 1958 Jeep FC 170 truck. Rudy is among only about 30,000 of these trucks that were made back in the day. She is such a beauty, imperfections and all.

Starting in March, Rudy will be out on a weekly basis slinging bouquets from the back of her truck bed. We will offer a variety of stems and greenery available for purchase. All items are sold individually allowing each customer to walk away with a bouquet that truly fits their individual taste and personality. Rudy has been out and about in St. Louis a couple times in the past few months. Seeing the smiles and joy that she and flowers have brought to customers has been inspiring. I can’t to continue that this spring.


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Julie Johnson